Guidelines for submitting your abstract

We invite participants to contribute to the Joint ICC/AISTEC Conference on "Grains for feeding the World" at the World Expo Milan 2015 and submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations.

Abstract submission has closed. Thank you for submitting your abstracts!


We welcome abstracts on novel aspects related to:

  • Security (productivity, population, policy, land, different meaning in different parts of the world)
  • Sustainability (genetic resources, grain omics, waste, monoculture, rotations, organic agriculture, low input fertilization, climate change, carbon and water footprint, etc.)
  • Safety (biotech, postharvest diseases and pest management, toxins, controls, pollution, etc.)
  • Traceability and authenticity (developments in grains and products testing, labels, traditional products, etc.)
  • Processing (strategies to improve quality and safety, improvers and additives, innovations in milling, new approaches for lowering sugars, fats, salt content, etc.)
  • Health and nutrition (whole and refined grains, role of dietary grains in the modulation of microbiota composition, diseases, allergies and intolerances, phytochemicals, etc.)
  • Economics and trading (finances, markets, import-export, infrastructures, collaborations, consumers, etc.)

of cereals and pseudo-cereals grains worldwide.

For more information on topics, please see also the attached brochure.

General notes

  • The presenting author will be underlined in the book of abstracts.
  • Works will be accepted for oral or poster presentations on the basis of a revision process by the Scientific Committees members.
  • Before preparing your work, please visit and read carefully the guidelines below.
  • In case your poster is not selected you will receive notification.
  • All abstracts are subjected to peer review by the Scientific Committees and are expected to meet the standards of academic/scientific excellence. Submissions will be considered by an expert panel and authors will be informed on possible minor editorial changes.
  • Please note, at least one of the authors has to register and attend the conference. Each paying participant can present up to 2 works, e.g. 1 oral presentation + 1 poster or 2 posters; except for student fees (only 1 poster).

General guidelines for abstract preparation

  • All abstracts (for oral or poster presentations) must be written in English.
  • Abstract text limit: 500 words.
  • Please examine the contents of your abstract before submission:
  1. Is the aim of the study adequately defined and described?
  2. Are the test series and methods used clearly explained?
  3. Are the results important/original (regarding experiments)?
  4. Are important conclusions drawn for science and practice?
  5. Are the abstracts worded in a way which can be understood also by non-specialists?
  • Add keywords (max. 6) below the abstract's content, separated by commas.
  • Add references (max. 4) below the abstract's keywords, without numbering.

Guidelines for oral presentations

Abstract submission for oral presentations has closed on 30 January 2015.
Acceptance should have been communicated in due time not later than end of February 2015.

  • The presenting or first author of an oral presentation has to register and attend the conference.
  • LCD projectors will be used in all sessions. The conference organisers will provide the PC for each session.
  • Check final programme for the allocated time for your presentation, which can be either 10, 20 or 30 minutes.
  • All slides will be presented via Microsoft PowerPoint. Thus, the presentation must be prepared as PowerPoint file (.pptx or .ppt). All presenters are required to submit their PowerPoint file well in advance to the organisers.
  • To be on the safe side, please bring your PowerPoint file on a USB stick with you to the conference.

Guidelines for poster presentations

Abstract submission for poster presentations has closed on 22 April 2015.
Acceptance will be communicated in due time not later than beginning of May 2015.

  • At least one of the authors of a poster presentation has to register and attend the conference. Otherwise the abstract will not be included in the book of abstracts and there will be no poster wall available for the poster. Without a settled registration fee, poster abstract inclusion in the book of abstracts is not possible.
  • Only 2 poster abstracts can be accepted per paying participant (1 poster abstract for student fee).
  • One poster board will be available for each poster. To fit within the poster frame, posters must be sized 80 x 100 cm.
  • Posters should be readable from a distance of 2 meters.
  • Some suggestions by the Organising Committees on the preparation of your poster:
  1. Present numerical data in the form of graphs, rather than tables (graphs make trends in the data much more evident). If data must be presented in table-form, keep it simple!
  2. Visuals should be simple and bold.
  3. Avoid acronyms and extensive mathematical notations as much as possible.
  4. Posters with 800 words or less are perfect. Avoid submitting compactly packed, high word-count posters.
  5. Organise your poster into subdivisions, e.g., Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and Literature Cited (avoid using too many citations).
  6. Use bright colours to enhance the detail.
  7. Besides your project, the text could also include future research plans or questions.

Abstract Submission Tool

All abstracts must be submitted online through ICC Services' Abstract Submission Tool. If you already have an account on the Abstract Submission Tool site, log in and submit your abstract(s). You can still use your existing account that you may have registered with a previous conference managed by ICC Services.

Otherwise, sign up for free as an Author! Please follow the Guide on how to use this tool. Ensure to tick the Create account as checkbox "Author: Able to submit items to the conference." on the form's bottom as shown here:

Create account as Author


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